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Occupy a Labor Dept. waiting room or an issue of Employment Weekly, not Wall Street.

If there’s any growing mainstream hippy movement that makes my blood curdle, it’s the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. For those who have remained uneducated about this subject (Kudos to you, then), OWS is a liberal hippy movement that retains a “non-political” stance about the economy, without hearing their own political overtones. It’s a movement that is teaching our current “iGeneration” that it’s okay to expect mom-and-dad government to give us a hand-out instead of working hard over it like our parents did. It’s teaching our children that it’s okay to cry poor-house poverty as some homeless family is forced to live in a car while you’re snuggling up with your love on the couch.

I’m here to tell you, this is NOT the way for us to go. Our parents, even our grandparents (even our great-grandparents) have suffered through countless recessions and even the Great Depression, when money issues were way worse for us than they’ll ever be now. Show me the part in the history books where everyone back then went on strike and chose to plop their fat asses down on the street instead of finding and doing work, and I’ll shut up and let history repeat itself. Show me the magazine or news articles from the 80s saying our parents were doing the same when we had that big recession then. Hell, even tell me about any strikes that occurred in the 90s.

If you wanna take it a step further back, visualize yourself as a kid. You do what’s expected of you in exchange for a small allowance, to teach you the value of money. Say one week you don’t receive that allowance for one reason or another, but come to find out your parents were having money problems, so your allowance went toward your dinner. Do you go on strike or be thankful you were fed? if you choose anything but the latter, you’re an asshole.

Collectively as a nation, we’re not impervious to debt. We all have debts–you, your spouse/significant other, your parents, your aunts and uncles, your siblings… I’m sure even your “rich” friend has money worries once in a while. We ALL do.

Now, let’s go back to the Depression/recessions of the past… beginning with your parents. The following is a list of things that aren’t handed to us, but a privilege for paying the bills on time. If you were given any of these things growing up you had no reason to be ungrateful:
-Overhead rain protection
-Garbage removal
-Bus transportation to school
-Cable/satellite television
-Phone service
-and many more.

Now, here’s the beef I have with the Occupy movement: So many people claim they’re broke and corporations are ruining their livelihoods… that is, claim such on a social networking site. If you’re so broke, how the fuck can you afford a computer but not food for your family? How can you afford cable TV and cell phones when you can’t even give your own child breakfast? And what the hell is the point of taking loans out on vehicles or houses you know you can’t afford when it translates to having to live the bum life of going to other people’s houses to get a shower in? I guess your BMW is worth it as long as you can blame all your other troubles on companies you’ll never have to deal with at all in life, right dipshits?

My other beef comes in the form of their complaints about my opinion.


The only problem with that argument is that it’s not up to the corporations to get you a job. It’s up to YOU to get you a job. For a group of whiny bitches that claim to be non-political, they sure sound like they’re confusing money-making corporations for government aid in finding gainful employment. And before you say there aren’t any jobs, shut the fuck up. Yes there are, just not enough jobs you wanna participate in.

And don’t give me your “I’m not working in fast food, that’s a teen’s job” bullshit either. If you’re a grown-ass adult and that’s still your counter-point when someone tells you there’s work available, you really need to learn a few things:

(1) It’s not a fucking teen’s job. Since you obviously never go to McDonald’s (since, y’know, you’re too broke) you probably didn’t know that a larger sum of their employees are adults. And generally speaking, as long as you work and put your back into it a bit, there’s always the opportunity to advance to a higher position with better pay. For example…

(2) I have this friend who recently graduated from college. Before graduation, she was made aware that graduation does not guarantee a job right out of the docks. So to this day, she continues to work at fast food, even having a manager position. She knows she deserves better work than that, but for the time being she’s accepted the fact that that’s all she can really do for now. Instead of sitting on the street like a lazy bum and bitching about it, she is instead making her time useful by earning her check and SAVING.

If that isn’t enough for you to maybe think about shutting the hell up already, here’s one last bit of ammunition. You claim to be jobless and broke (thanks to either CEOs or the government, you haven’t really decided yet), while living the good life in your nice living space, with your big TVs, your high-end gaming consoles, your vast library of movies and games, and your hot tubs… and while you poseurs are enjoying yourselves and living that good life, these families have to live out of their CARS.

Not easy to watch when you have to suck up and realize your situation ain’t as bad, eh?

Yeah, maybe try shutting the fuck up and being grateful for your situation before going and blaming other people because you only THINK they have it better. If you have a job, be thankful. If you’re looking for work, I wish you the best of luck in finding it. As long as you decide to be open with yourself enough to work outside your comfort zone, you’ll find something good. If you don’t do that, or you’re unemployed but not looking for work knowledgeably… power to you I guess, but complaining about shit you can’t change won’t get you a job faster.

Job searching links:

And if the idea of government doesn’t make you a depressed and paranoid troll, check this out:

And if you wanna debate me on this still, please wait while I go occupy a toilet.

UPDATE:  After doing some more Google browsing after publishing this, I came across a very shocking find about the Occupy protesters:  An alarmingly LARGE number of them are a bunch of vagrant anti-semites.  All you have to do is type “occupy wall street anti semitic” and you get a page full of this.  Quite frankly, I’m disgusted.  Now I have the knowledge that not only are the OWS protesters full of shit about their intentions,  but they’re also a very closed-minded and discriminatory group of rednecks.  In fact, to call them hippies would be an insult to hippies.


Heavy Rain is a heavy rain of QuanticFeces

Recently during Walmart’s Black Friday sales, I was browsing through their assortment of on-sale PS3 games. Among them was a game I hadn’t the chance to play outside a brief demo at a friend’s house, but I had heard was an absolute must-play. That game is QuanticDream’s Heavy Rain.

I brought it home and popped it in to begin playing, and go figure I get an Installation screen, while the screen told me how to fold this piece of origami paper included with the game. You know what’s sad about this review, you just read my one true positive point about the game. Thanks to Heavy Rain, I now know how to fold origami.

Then, the game begins. Heavy Rain starts with your main character getting out of bed… after you flick the right stick upward. *face palm* Huh?

Had I known the next eight-or-so hours were gonna be pretty much exactly like this, I would’ve picked up Battlefield 3 instead. My poor PS3 buddies have to be so damn bored, thanks to word of mouth superseding the overall opinion of the game. Heavy Rain, thus far, has proven to be a complete waste of $15. It’s too bad that I probably won’t get more than that when I take it back for trade-in credit.

I find it ironic how so many PS3/360 fans utterly refuse to play Wii games due to the motion controls and “sub-par, non-HD” graphics (as you decide to play some GTA3 on your PS2), yet will pick up a game like Heavy Rain and gobble it up, even though for the most part it’s absolutely WORSE than most Wii games have to offer.

That reminds me of last week when I purchased Zelda Skyward Sword for Wii. It’s been getting true universal acclaim for the unique motion implementation and the clever story-telling. Despite this, the game is being largely ignored by the hardcore crowd because games like Heavy Rain exist.

They exist, and pretend to be something they’re not. I like how one reviewer on Amazon put it; it’s as though they’ve promised us the moon, but arrived with a lump of dried-out clay.

Very well said. Dried out clay is never fun to play with.


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